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Momentum Climbing

This is a 4 hour team building course that incorporates the fundamentals of climbing and teamwork for an exciting corporate retreat.

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iFly Wind Tunnel

Envision looking out the open door of an airplane for the first solo skydive of your life-- Hair blowing in every direction; heart pounding; eyes watering from the cold, fresh air at 14000 feet. You excitedly and carefully grab the door pane while reciting each step you learned in class the week before…. “right hand, right foot, left hand, left foot, check inside instructor, check outside instructor, look at the prop, up, down, arch…. One one-thousand, two one-thousand,

three one-thousand.” And just like that you’re flying.

One of the most exhilarating moments you could possibly imagine.

Ultimate thrill.

At 6000 feet you pull your chute. You count to five and check for malfunctions….

OH NO--major malfunction. You’re worst nightmare is suddenly your reality. You’ve got only ten seconds before decision making time runs out. 

Certain death or ultimate thrill?

This is a 4 hour team building course that incorporates the fundamentals of skydiving and calculated decision making in the workplace. Employees will learn the importance

of pre-formulated action plans for unknown variables.

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Summit Motor Sports

This is a four hour team tour through the Uinta National Park.



Summit Motor Sports

This is a 4 hour sand dune driving course with teams of two and four people.

What's the catch? The driver is blindfolded and has to rely on his or her team to navigate the course to earn points.

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